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What is a Tourist Rental License?

In the Valencia Community and Alicante region since January 2015, a modification of the regulatory decree of tourist housing in Valencia, stipulates the compulsory nature of ALL accommodations and properties for tourist use, including Tourist Housing, to be registered in the Register of Companies, Establishments and Touristic Professions in other words the Tourist License is a legal requirement to be able to rent out your property for holiday rentals on the Costa Blanca. If you rent out for holiday rentals without this license it can lead to hefty fines! 

How can I obtain this Tourist License quickly?

The easiest and fastest way to obtain your Tourist License is to list your property through a rental agent that is legally registered with the Valencia Tourism Board (the government body that issues the Tourist Licenses) like HADRentals and it is FREE of charge if you rent out your property with us!

It will usually take less than 7 days to obtain this Tourist License number if you do it through a registered rental agent like HADRentals so you will be able to start renting out for holiday rentals almost immediately! You just need to provide us with the required documentation which you should have as standard as owner of the property. It is much quicker to do it through a registered rental agent than doing it yourself or through a lawyer. 

You might ask your self, how is this possible and why? Well the answer is very simple, because registered rental agents like HADRentals have direct contact with the Valencia Tourism Board, we have been approved and registered which enables us to manage the rental of holiday homes, this is only possible for rental companies and not anyone else.

The government did this because large rental companies like HADRentals that manage many properties need to be able to do this quickly on behalf of their clients for the proper operation of the companies and development of regulated tourism.

Other benefits from using HADRentals to rent out your property include that we fully manage all rentals -we take care of everything (including advertising, bookings, personal check in and out, tourist registration, 24/7 customer care, cleaning/laundry, maintenance… EVERYTHING) and advertise your holiday home worldwide on all leading holiday rental portals, social media, travel agents and tour operators all over the world to reach millions of people!

Certificado de Compatibilidad Urbanistica (Certificate of Compatibility)

This is the only document that you might not have, but it is very easy to obtain it at the town hall where your property is located. We can apply for it on your behalf if you want and once the application has been submitted we will be allocated a pre-Compatibility Number which we will use to register your property and obtain the Tourist License directly. 

It is very easy and quick when you do it through a registered rental agent like HADRentals!

Guest Registration with the Police (Guardia Civil)

Every time you have new guests/clients arriving you must register them by sending their passport details to the Guardia Civil within 24 hours of the check in. Again if you rent out your property with HADRentals we take care of this and everything else on your behalf! 

So contact us now to enjoy the many benefits of renting out your property with HADRentals, your tourist license will be quickly and directly approved!